Help! My dog is itching but has no fleas. 5 ways to combat itchy skin.

Brown labrador on blue background

Dogs can get itchy skin for a variety of reasons, even when they don't have fleas. Some common causes include allergies to food or environmental allergens, dry skin, yeast or bacterial infections, and hormonal imbalances. See below our top 5 causes and ways to treat your dog's itchy skin.

1. Supplements such as Hemp Seed Oil

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids found abundant in hemp seed oil can help to reduce the inflammation, improving skin and coat health and reduce itching. You can read more about Wolfe's 100% cold pressed Australian grown hemp seed oil here.

Wolfe Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs

2. Select moisturising natural grooming products

Using a moisturising and soothing shampoo can help to relieve itching. Look for nourishing ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, hemp seed oil and sweet almond oil. You can check out Wolfe's nourishing natural wash that contains all of those ingredients here.

3. Allergy management

If your dog is itching due to an allergy, identifying and avoiding the allergen can help to relieve the itching. Your veterinarian may recommend a food trial or allergen-specific immunotherapy.

4. Keep the paws clean

Keeping the paws clean can help to prevent infections and itching. If your dogs paws are irritated or dry you can try a paw soothing balm. Look for ingredients like rosemary extract, chamomile and calendula oil to reduce inflammation and coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E which soothe and repair the skin. Check out Wolfe's natural paw balm here.

Wolfe paw nose and skin balm

5. Medications

In severe itching cases your vet may recommend anti-inflammatory medications or medicated shampoos which can help to reduce itching and inflammation.