How do you use hemp seed oil for dogs for healthy joints and a fluffy coat?

Black Pug Dog

Hemp seed oil is packed full of nutrients for your dog. It’s a great addition to any dog’s diet, and especially for dogs with sensitive skin, arthritis or digestion issues. With just a few daily drops, your dog can benefit from healthier skin, coat, joints and tummy. 

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is considered one of the healthiest oils in the world. It has well-researched benefits and is considered as a superfood. 

Hemp seed oil is made from extracting the oils of hemp seeds. Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, like Wolfe’s The Oil, retains all of its nutrients as the oil is slowly extracted from the seed using pressure, rather than heat.  

It contains the perfect ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 to omega-9 (1:3:1), meaning your dog is getting the best balance of essential fatty acids. Unlike fish oil, which is commonly known as a good source of omega fatty acids, it’s plant-based, more stable and completely natural. 

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil for my dog?

By including hemp seed oil in your dog’s diet every day, they can benefit from the amazing nutritional properties hemp seed oil has to offer

If your dog experiences restlessness and mild anxiety, hemp seed oil is an excellent addition to their diet. There have been a number of studies that show hemp seed oil assists in calming dogs, and by getting to the root of their joint or digestive problems with The Oil, it can also make a dog happier and more relaxed. 

Dogs that suffer from arthritis or itchy skin can particularly benefit from hemp seed oil, with the gamma-linoleic acid’s (GLA) natural anti-inflammatory properties. 

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How do I use hemp seed oil for my dog?

Mix The Oil into your dog’s food every day, with varied amounts depending on your dog’s size. We have a recommended serving size on our website and bottle and a handy dropper with ml markings so you know exactly how much you’re giving your dog. Dogs love the taste of hemp seed oil, so they may be happy to have it straight from the dropper.