How much hemp seed oil should I give my dog? A dosage guide.

Black and white jack russell dog on pink background
The amount of hemp seed oil to give your dog varies greatly between ages and breeds and largely depends on your dog's weight. We break down some commonly asked questions on how much hemp seed oil to give your dog below.

What is the recommended dosage of hemp seed oil for dogs?

A little goes a long way with the nutrient packed supplement. We recommend for dogs less than 5kg, adding 1ml to their food once per day. For dogs 5kg - 10kg it's 1.5ml, dogs 10kg - 20kg is 2ml and for dogs 20kg and over 3ml. Wolfe's hemp seed oil comes with a dropper that has handy ml markings on it to make it super easy for you. Shop here.

Wolfe hemp seed oil for dogs

How much hemp seed oil is too much?

Like humans, every dog is different. Each dog holds and distributes their weight differently. Hemp seed oil is an unsaturated 'healthy' fat so if your dog is a little overweight it's a good idea to visit a vet who can help make dietary recommendations so that hemp seed oil can become part of your dog's healthy diet. 

How do I introduce hemp seed oil into my dogs diet?

Adding anything new to your dog's diet should be done so slowly to help your dog get used to the new nutritional profile. For this reason, we recommend giving your dog a half dose for 2 weeks and then going up to the full dose after two weeks. 

Can I give my dog hemp seed oil everyday? 

Absolutely. You can give your dog hemp seed oil everyday. Depending on your preference, you can simply add it to their food or give it to them straight from our handy dropper. 

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